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Chomp Teppan&Sushi

Went on a double dating to chomps. Prior to the date, I did a yelp check, Chomps Teppan Grill and Sushi in Fullerton, 3 stars! I definitely believe peoples opinions. Only true foodies know the right places to dine for Sushi.

Second time visiting Chomps on a double date, assuming my taste palette was impaired the first time I went, food IS mediocre. All-you-can-eat $20 Thursday, not a great deal at all. Menu was limited of rolls, sushi, and non-sushi items. First round, you’re able to order up to 3 items. 2nd round and on of ordering, limit is 2 orders per round. Ordered the Salmon Skin Handroll, was soggy and drenched in eel sauce 5 seconds from receiving it. Salmon Skin salad, took over 15 minutes to receive it when there was barely a crowd. Tiger Shrimp Lettuce Wrap, mine was huge and stuffed with imitation crab. The bf ordered the same wrap, except his was smaller and wrapped nicely. No miso soup or anything like that on the AYCE menu. 

Atmosphere: Super loud, party noise central

Food: Other places are better

Location and parking: hard to find parking, but a structure is within walking distance. Location of Chomps is on the corner.

Drinks: Unsure

Service: Terrible

Great place to get drunk and chomp away!! More for the college life of wine and dine!!